Friday, July 13, 2007

Puppy Pic Of The Week

Callie napping on the couch. She has a special blanket to sleep on to keep the upholstery clean.

It's fun to capture the dog in the funny poses she's in when she's napping. Often, as in this picture, her little tongue is sticking out. She also lets it stick out when she's awake and that just cracks us up. It's almost like it's too big for her mouth and won't fit inside.


  1. I think that's cute overload! I love the little bit of pink tongue.

  2. Aren't you lucky that she remains on the blanket?
    She is one cute puppy!

  3. Too cute! How can you stand it? How can you get anything done during the day when she's in adorable overdrive? KC does the tongue hanging out thing too, and while she, too, is very cute, she also looks mildly idiotic.


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