Monday, July 16, 2007

We're In Summer Mode

Whether or not the weather cooperates. Often when it's hot in the summertime, we put the shutters in awning mode to keep the sun from shining into the windows. This is the western side of the house that takes the afternoon sun, and with the shutters down and the windows closed, we can keep it cooler inside than otherwise.

The western or back façade of the house with the shutters in "awning" mode.

Of course, the windows are open at night and in the morning to let cool air in.

The tomatoes are forming. I hope the cold rainy weather we've had hasn't stunted them too much.

And the garden is really liking the warmer weather, too ! There are small tomatoes growing on the vines. The beans, eggplant, and peppers are in blossom, and there are blossoms forming on the squash and cucumber plants. Finally.

Blossoms on the bean plants !

And the pumpkins are starting to take off. They have some blossoms starting to form, too. Hooray for summer !

The pumpkin plants are starting to cover some ground.

Of course, I just have to throw in a gratuitous shot of Callie. Here she is exploring beneath the hazelnut trees.

I'm getting taller every day.


  1. Summer mode, eh? It was high time, wasn't it?

    Yesterday's been very hot here but we had a series of incredible thunderstorms overnight.

    Callie looks cute, whether on spring or summer mode!

  2. She is a good llking dog! Nice to see your rain has calmed a bit.


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