Saturday, July 21, 2007

Tarte Aux Prunes

In France, what we Americans call plums are called prunes. By extension, what we call prunes, the French call pruneaux.

Tarte aux prunes with fruit from our yard, just before the custard is poured in.

We have two plum trees in our back yard and the variety of plum, we think, is mirabelle. They are deliciously sweet and make great jam and, in this case, plum pie.

The plums are cut in half and pitted, arranged on a pre-baked pie shell, then a custard of milk, egg, sugar, and cream is poured in and the tarte is baked. There are more ripe plums on the tree and I see another tarte being made over the weekend !


  1. Yum! I love mirabelles! Have to be careful because when I have mirabelles at home, I can't stop eating them. ;) This mirabelle pie just looks too yummy for words!

  2. But wait. They broke the chalice from the palace!

    Anonynous (Guess who)

  3. ...and replaced it with a flagon...


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