Sunday, July 08, 2007


We continued our drive south through the Rhône Valley. Our friend CHM had recommended that we visit a town called Alba-la-Romaine just over the hills across from Montélimar, so we turned off the road at Le Teil. But before we got there, up on the bluff above the river we spied the ruin of a medieval castle and we stopped to explore it. It was just there ; no tours, no fences, and we parked and walked in.

The ruins of a château at Cruas.

While climbing around inside and out, we noticed that down river to the south rose four huge cooling towers. We were seeing the nuclear generator at Cruas. The side of one of the towers was adorned with a huge painting of a playing kid.

The nuclear power plant at Cruas on the Rhône River.

I took a photo of the plant through one of the windows of the castle. Then we moved on to look for Alba.

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  1. I've updated this post. I incorrectly identified the power plant as being in Pierrlatte, and the castle being at Le Teil. It bugged us all morning because we couldn't quite work it out on the map. So, with some google research, we found the correct power plant and the castle.


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