Thursday, July 05, 2007

Sercy Et Berzé

We spent the night in a contemporary, nondescript hotel in Dijon and headed south again the next day. Between Dijon and Mâcon, we passed several châteaux, but only stopped to look closer at two of them.

The Château de Sercy is right on the road that follows the Grosne river.

The first was the Château de Sercy. It was a quick stop to gawk and take pictures. No tours or anything like that. But the setting was pretty and it was worth a look.

Berzé-le-Châtel sits up on the western flank of these hills in the Mâconnais wine region. Across them is the Saône Valley and the city of Mâcon.

We continued south and saw Berzé-le-Châtel off in the distance, so we pulled off to the side to find and identify it on the map and to take a few snaps. Then once again we were motoring south.

We would reach northern Provence that evening, but still had one more night before our scheduled arrival at the gîte.


  1. Hey are you guys heading down to my end of Provence? (By the Med?) If so and you need anything, just let me know...Happy Vacationing...

  2. Gorgeous views!

  3. cheryl a, thanks for the offer, but alas, we're not heading down to the sunnier weather. These photos are from our 1993 trip (gasp - that's 14 years ago !).

    claude, merci !


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