Sunday, July 22, 2007

Drôle D'Eté

Weird summer. That's what we're having. Eastern Europe is sweltering under record heat and Britain is drowning in torrential rains and floods. Most of France is stuck in the middle with cool temperatures and more rain than we've had in recent memory.

The back yard furniture is not getting much use this year, but we have been out there a few times.

Our vegetable garden is pretty pathetic this year. I picked four, count 'em, four green beans yesterday. The weeds are doing well. Some days it's nice enough to be outside, others it isn't. The grass is growing like crazy but it's often too wet to cut.

Oh well. We're lucky not to have tornadoes, floods, wilting heat with high humidity, or several feet of snow. It's just a not a banner year.


  1. FOUR beans!
    Another rainy day here... :(

  2. Hey you left out hurricanes- maybe they don't happen there. We had one here once and it was terrible.

    It is a summer to remember that's for sure. Ours is less hot than usual following a drought that made many farmers plow under their gardens.

    I hope you get a few more green beans.

  3. You also left out earthquakes. ;-)

  4. It seems that it is only in Hertford, Hereford and Hampshire that hurricanes hardly ever happen. Therefore, I was wrong to omit them.

    As for earthquakes, I'm trying to forget about those...


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