Saturday, July 07, 2007


Nestled among the grand châteaux around Blois is the little manor house at Troussay. The house is open to the public and the staff offers guided tours of the house. You can also choose to stroll around the grounds for a lesser fee.

We visited Troussay in July of last year (2006). This is a view of the door that opens out to the garden behind the house.

There are many lesser known châteaux, manoirs and gentilhommières in the Loire Valley region open to the public. They offer a less crowded but no less interesting view of the genteel country life during the French Renaissance. Seek them out if your travel plans include a visit to the Loire Valley.

The entrance court at the Gentilhommière de Troussay.


  1. I must say that Troussay would be fun on a good day.

    Good tennis coming up right now. Venus vs Bartoli. I just am watching the women walk down the stairs after their short interviews. Wow, their bouquets are beautiful.

  2. Quite amazing how you just have to drive a few kms just to find beautiful châteaux and gentilhommières. You live in a beautiful area.

  3. Evelyn, Wimbledon coverage is on a premium station that we don't get, so I have to watch the finals delayed (as in not live). Oh well, the Tour de France is on !

    Claude, it is amazing when you have the time to explore what's around. There is so much.

  4. I love the red doors - - quite unusual.


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