Monday, July 23, 2007

Tarte Aux Prunes 2

Ken picked another batch of plums on Saturday, so I made another plum tarte. This time the plums went in skin-side down onto a thin bed of sugar and were cooked in the pie shell au naturel instead of in an egg custard.

The plum halves are arranged en couronne in the pre-baked crust.

The result is pretty, don't you think ? This is our dessert after a lunch of salads, including gésiers (chicken gizzards), haricots verts (green beans), pommes de terre (potatoes), tomates, and œufs durs (hard-cooked eggs).

The finished tarte cools in the kitchen.

Ken jarred up his last batch of plum jam, six jars, and still has a sink full of plums with which to do something. Maybe more jam ? He said that we could jar up whole plums in syrup to use different ways over the winter or make and freeze pie fillings for american-style pies. You can see more about our year of prunes on his blog here.

The nice thing is that even though the vegetable garden is not doing well this year, the cherries and the plums have been great, so we're still getting to harvest and process produce. Small consolation, but tasty nonetheless.


  1. Looks just great. I like the closeup.

  2. gorgeous tart!
    Wish I lived closer, would be happy to take some of those plums off your hands. They look so delicious!

  3. Send one over FedEx, Walt, it looks fantastic!

    By the way... vegetables here aren't doing particularly well either, but out of her five entries in the county fair, Harriett scored three first place ribbons (eggplant, zucchini, and salad basket) and one second (small tomatoes). She's very proud, but too modest to tell anyone.

  4. claude, we need taste-a-blog, eh ?

    loulou, anytime - the trees are laden and so many will just rot. Of course, the birds and other animals will not miss out.

    tom, congrats to Harriet ! Got any photos ?

  5. Not only photos, we've got HD video! I'll get some photos posted as soon as she picks up her ribbons.


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