Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Summer Lunch

We're feeling downright summery now that the temperatures are sorta normal. Ken bought scallops and shrimp at the market on Saturday morning and we had a seafood lunch.

Crevettes, sold whole and already cooked.

First, he made a mayonnaise and mixed in some capers, pickles, and hot red pepper. We ate the chilled crevettes (shrimp) with that.

Scallops, most wrapped in a slice of poitrine fumée, hot off the bbq.

Next, we wrapped coquilles St.-Jacques (scallops) in slices of smoked bacon and grilled them on the bbq. A batch of french fries was the perfect accompaniment.

On Friday, we had grilled chicken and merguez along with a corn salad. It sure does feel like summer - we'll see how long it lasts.


  1. Yum! looks good!

  2. All of this looks so delicious. I'm definitely planning on enjoying some wonders of the sea here in the Pacific Northwest.

    Glad your weather is getting a bit summery. I guess it's still only barely around 70 degrees F in Aveyron. At least my husband isn;t dying of heat. I don't think he's bothered to install his new AC in his office, though!


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