Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Leaf pattern

This leaf caught my eye the other day. I thought that the dark blotch was perfectly positioned. Nature can be so symmetrical sometimes. Often, actually. But it's still eye-catching, especially when the color is so vibrant.

An orange leaf turning brown from the center.

This week is our town's annual collecte des objets encombrants (large waste pickup). The big things that we can't take to the dump ourselves are picked up and disposed of. All we have to do is get them out to the roadside. This year we have the pieces of the old concrete barbeque, some old deteriorating wood shutters (probably original to the house), the old leaky rain barrel, some large pieces of metal, and a few other junk items. By Thursday, en principe, it should all be gone.


  1. You guys work way too hard. It exhausts me. I think I need to go lie down.

  2. Great leaf photo.
    I know you two will be glad to get rid of the objets encombrants hanging around. Phew!

  3. Walt, wonderful photo (as usual). When I lived in Berkeley, I would set things out on the sidewalk, and they would be gone by the next morning (or earlier). Even a broken washing machine! The best were the shoes: people would just leave their old shoes for someone else to take.

  4. Cool picture. It even has a three dimensional aspect to it in the darker part.


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