Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Lines of love in circles and angles

Where's Marilyn McCoo when you need her? Not much going on here, except the normal stuff. I'm still cutting logs (got another 30 done yesterday), Ken made a big batch of tomato sauce with what may be the last of our tomato crop. I'm picking up apples again in advance of cutting the grass; last week's rain and our warm temperatures have started it growing again.

Lines on a playground's paved area for basketball and other games. In Le Grand-Pressigny.

The weather people are telling us that it's going to cool down even more toward the end of the week. We may need to fire up the heating system, or at least build a fire in the wood stove to take the chill off. It all depends on how chilly it gets and how much the sun shines.


  1. It's chilly here-- we had a little outside fire in the fire pit thingy in the back yard yesterday.

  2. Art can be found anywhere! "Chilly" here, too. After I close all the windows and terrace door at 9 p.m., I don't turn on the A/C. Brrr...

  3. I know where you took that picture, but I wouldn't have noticed the artyness of it myself. Which just goes to show..........

  4. Mitchell - Please don't rub it in that you are still enjoying "warm" days - even if they seem to be cooler than normal! This is the longest I've ever gone without having my heat turned on regularly (last week - just 1 day I had to turn it on when it got down to 37f.)

    I have been neglectful about mentioning how timely your image of the week is! Those orange colors can't help but remind me of the season! Many of the trees have started to show their fall colors here in Oregon.

  5. Summer is gone already? Here comes the snow cover for the next several months.

  6. judy, already? Still, I'll bet it was nice.

    mitch, oh, you poor thing...

    jean, haha. You notice other arty things, like baking.

    mary, it didn't even occur to me that it was like fall colors. Good eye!

    olivier, merci !

    ron, oh, please no!


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