Tuesday, October 15, 2013

On the Cher

Last week I took a walk with friends and dogs down along the river. It's not a walk I do often for two reasons: first, to get to the river we have to cross a road with fast-moving cars and, second, the river bank is often too muddy to enjoy. But on this day it was dry enough to be pleasant.

The Cher River bends around to the right behind those tall trees. Looking downstream.

The Cher is neither wide nor deep. I'm sure there are places where it would be easy to wade across, although I've not tried that. The water is very clear and I can often see fish and other wildlife from the shore. Callie and her canine friend Lulu enjoyed exploring the thickets and clearings along the river bank. And we humans enjoyed the views across the water.


  1. It was a nice walk!
    I hope your cold gets better soon. Colds are a vastly underrated, thoroughly miserable affliction. People expect that you should carry on as normal, especially at work, because it's "only a cold". Which is rather unfair, I think.
    We seem to have avoided catching it, thankfully.
    (No sign yet, anyway.....)

  2. Sorry to hear about you and Ken both feeling miserable. In a few days, it'll just be a memory.
    That photo of the deck table with flowers is very nice :)

  3. Walt,
    Very peaceful and serene.


  4. I thought you were going to write about "Cher". dear me.

  5. jean, I'm glad you guys didn't catch it. You would certainly have it by now if you had.

    judy, that photo was from a week or so ago. It was nice while it lasted!

    ron, thanks!

    michael, if I could turn back time...


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