Wednesday, October 02, 2013

It's mushroom season

These champignons (mushrooms) are not edible as far as I know, and I won't be trying to find out. I'm a wimp when it comes to eating wild mushrooms. I love mushrooms, so I always get them from the market where I'm confident that they're edible.

A low-light (therefore blurry) shot in the woods next to our house.

Fall is the season for mushrooms and the gathering has begun in forests all over the country. The most sought-after variety seems to the be the cèpe (boletus or porcini mushroom), but all manner of woodland fungi are showing up in the markets now, including the chanterelle and the trompette-des-morts. And let's not forget the wildly expensive truffe (truffle) that comes along later this fall.


  1. It's been a good damp year here so there are many fungus among us;-) I like to eat them, but never learned which ones to pick in the wild.

  2. Walt you have done it yet again. Spectacular photo!

    We had neighbors in Sea Ranch that used to sheepishly tell me that they were harvesting chanterelles from my lot. I always told them to help themselves; I was too afraid of picking the killer kind.

    Good to have the newsiness back. The other day I didn't see it and wondered if you had stopped it. Then the next post cleared it up.

  3. This photo could be a photo of the top of a Bûche de Noël! I enjoy making the meringue mushrooms and forming the woodgrain on the top of the "log"! Perhaps this year I should work on adding some greenery like in your view.

    There is a very large contingent of mushroom pickers that are very organized around here. I've been too reserved to join them.
    As a side note: during my divorce, my former x gave me a bag of chanterelles that he said his colleague had given him from a recent picking. They stayed in the house for a few days; then when contemplating the possibilities-- they were tossed! And they were gorgeous, too.

  4. I love mushrooms also, but don't know enough to tell the good ones from the dangerous.


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