Wednesday, October 09, 2013

The harvest continues

I've just noticed some of the red grapes are being harvested now. I saw some crews out in the vineyards a day or so ago hand-picking in a parcel that I think is planted in red grapes (gamay). There's also a harvester plying the rows on the north side of our house this morning. I think those are red grapes as well. Once the grapes are picked, I tend to forget what color grew where.

Red grapes out behind our house, ready for harvest.

The grapes are pressed as they arrive at the winery, then the process of wine-making begins. Soon we will see the local bernache in the markets. That's fresh grape juice that has just begun to ferment. It's kind of a specialty of early fall. Then, in mid-November, the "new" wines will come out. You've probably heard of Beaujolais Nouveau; our local winemakers do a similar thing called Touraine Primeur. Thanksgiving wine!


  1. What a view! I can almost taste it...

  2. An abundant crop, like Judith said...hoping the cheat is still working on wv.

  3. Beautiful photo of beautiful grapes!

  4. It seems just yesterday they were green.


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