Tuesday, October 01, 2013

The harvest has begun

On Monday morning, one of our local growers brought out his harvester and started picking his white grapes, the local sauvignon blanc. The weather is a bit wet and humid, so I think they want to get the grapes in before rot can set in.

These are (most likely) sauvignon blanc grapes. Ready for picking and making the local white wine.

The harvest will continue for a few weeks. After the sauvignon blanc is picked, they'll move on to the red grapes: gamay, cabernet, and côt.

You may have noticed that the Newsiness section in the sidebar is missing. I tried to update it yesterday, but the gadget wouldn't work. So I tried to delete and reinstall the gadget. Deleting worked to perfection. Reinstalling, not so much. So it's gone for the time being. I'm hopeful that the Blogger folks will repair this soon.


  1. I think they are sauvignon blanc grapes too -- definitely not chenin blanc anyway (I've just had a lesson on how to ID them).

    I tried to update something on the right sidebar yesterday and it wouldn't do it, so I wonder if Blogger is having general sidebar problems.

    1. Same here, I don't know why they have to continually meddle with things that work perfectly well already!

  2. Those grapes look gorgeous - fabulous photograph! P.

  3. Always look for Newsiness.

  4. Nice to see that Callie left a few grapes for the farmer.

  5. Je viens de vendanger ma vigne (un seul pied ;-) ce soir même. J'ai récolté trois bonnes livres de raisin que je vais presser demain mais je ne le laisserai pas fermenté car je ne bois jamais d'alcool ;-)..

  6. susan & jean, I successfully used the html/java script gadget for text this morning. The text gadget still won't update for me.

    pauline, they look delicious to me!

    mitch, now, where did I just hear that? lol

    n&a, I saw a sign for bernache up near Blois yesterday. First one of the season.

    sheila, I hope it's back now.

    dean, I think she prefers red...

    olivier, vous avez de la chance. Mes 5 ou 6 pieds ne donnent presque rien. Ils sont mal placés dans le jardin, pas assez de soleil.

  7. I can almost taste the wine!


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