Monday, September 30, 2013

A web on a foggy morning

This time of year we have frequent foggy mornings. Condensation highlights the thousands of otherwise invisible spiders' webs in the tall field grasses and the vineyards. Their patterns are all similar but at the same time very different.

This probably won't be the last spider's web photo that you see here this fall.

Today is another grey and wet morning as the sun comes up. At least, I assume it's coming up. We're not likely to see it today. I won't be cutting any logs because I'm going to the dentist this morning. Nothing wrong, just a cleaning.


  1. Frosty tootsies for those little eight legged guys....

  2. And, is the dentist someone new, too, or is this the same one you've been seeing... someone in Saint-Aignan, or do you have to go further away?

    1. judy, she's the dentist I've been seeing since the other retired. She's fast and rough, and this morning it hurt! The cleaning takes less than ten minutes, can you imagine? I really want a new dentist, but I wanted clean teeth now, so I suffered.

  3. Spiders are quite the talented achitects.

  4. We were just talking with a friend yesterday about the artistry of spider webs. We once watched for nearly an hour one evening as an orb weaver spun some magic.


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