Sunday, September 08, 2013

Industry past

This is an empty factory of some sort along the river in Le Grand-Pressigny. I get the impression that the buildings, or parts of them, had been re-inhabited in recent years, but were again abandoned. I like the buildings and the vent pipes on the roof.

An abandoned industrial site on the Claise River.

Many of you may remember that Callie will often bring a dead grape vine trunk home with her from her walks in the vineyard. She decided one day that carrying home a big stick was a good job, and she does it well. I had several piles of Callie's old vine trunks in the garden walkway. They are too long to fit into our wood stove without being cut, and cutting them with the big saw and sawhorse was awkward enough that I just didn't do it.

Well, now that I have the mini-chainsaw, I've been able to cut them all easily and stack them up in the wood pile for burning this season. The pathway is clear of grape trunks now. It's time to start picking up the fallen apples.


  1. <<It's time to start picking up the fallen apples.>>
    And get out the cider press?

    Someone was using that old factory as storage about three years back...
    good sleuthing!

  2. Did Callie give you permission to cut up her sticks? That's some audacity Walt!!! (smile)

  3. I remember that picking up those apples is not easy!

  4. It seems a shame to see buildings abandoned like this when there are so many homeless people. Surely they could be made habitable and put to better use!

  5. Good Callie! She knew you'd figure it out in time.

  6. Glad to know the mini-chainsaw is a help!

  7. Callie is just making her own contribution to keeping those energy costs down!!!

  8. I hope the fallen apples can be rehabilitated.

  9. Somehow an abandoned factory building looks so out of place in that pastoral landscape.

  10. Ron... something that people tend to forget is that this area had an awful lot of these small industrial businesses.
    It hasn't all been pastoral...
    what has happened is that the industry has moved away from many of the small towns...
    especially as the rail network shrank.
    Our neighbouring village of Abilly still has a foundry... alive still because they have specialised!!


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