Friday, September 27, 2013

Cutting the logs

As you all know by now, I'm a lumberjack and I'm ok. Since we got our delivery of logs last week, I've started cutting them into thirds for burning this winter. It's a slow process as I only cut thirty or forty logs a day. Each log means two cuts with the chainsaw, turning a one-meter long log into three relatively equal parts. There's also the moving of logs from the pile to the cutting place.
Progress to date: 71 logs cut into three pieces each. And stacked. That's the kindling pile on the right.

I only cut in the morning, before lunch. And I stop when I start feeling tired. There is no point in pushing yourself when it comes to using power tools. Better slow than sorry. It works for me.

The log pile on Thursday. To be compared with what it looked like at the start, below.

So, I'll continue to push on as fall moves toward winter. We shouldn't need to burn until November, unless we have an early cold spell. But once it gets cold, I don't want to be out there with the chainsaw. Better to have it all done before then.

The original log pile, now getting smaller.

In other news, the guys that are putting the electrical lines underground accidentally cut our water line on Thursday. We were without water for a few hours. Nothing serious, but the guys were not happy. Then, one of their tractors wouldn't start. They had a bad day.


  1. "you sleep all night
    and you work all day"


  2. Glad the water didn't turn into a major disaster. Your woodpile is a work of art. I would have a hard time using any of it. Do you remove pieces aesthetically throughout the winter or just grab what you need?

    1. And, Mitchell, you know about major water disasters! (Haa haa about having a difficult time removing logs from the artistic pile :))

  3. I agree, why bust your bum when you can saffely take your time?

  4. Seems like you have it planned right, Walt. Work up a sweat in the cool morning hours (I see that it is still nearly 80 deg. F. at 6:30 p.m. there) so you can relax during the warm indian summer afternoons!

  5. anne marie, and I love to press wild flowers...

    mitch, I very stylishly remove select pieces, depending on the desired mood of the day. Doesn't everybody?

    starman, that way, I get to keep my legs.

    mary, it is warm and more humid than normal. We're not complaining!


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