Saturday, September 28, 2013

The grapes are waiting

The grape harvest in our region has still not started, although we heard just the other day from the mayor that it will start next week. Harvests have started in Chinon, Reuilly, and Quincy, according to one web site we follow.

A grape leaf, tendril, and shadows. I messed with the colors a bit in photoshop.

The first grapes to be harvested will be the white sauvignon blanc grapes. The reds will hang out a little more before they're picked. Soon we will hear the familiar hum of the harvesting machines all around us. Ah, fall.


  1. Ghost leaf & graphic tendril....
    rather pleasing, wot?

  2. What are the tendrils? Do the grapes grow on them?

  3. Harvesting machines? And I thought they were handpicked.

  4. That sage-green color is beautiful (my monitor, anyway!). What are all the white dots I see? Surely not mist; it must be just part of the leaf?

  5. tim, I thought so!

    starman, they're the ends of new vine growth looking for something to curl around and hold on to.

    jon, some grapes are done by hand around us, most it's mostly done by machine. However, there are places (Champagne, Beaujolais) where machine harvesting is not allowed at all.

    mary, they are, indeed, water droplets.


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