Saturday, September 14, 2013

Door number four

Yet another door, this time with windows, in Le Grand-Pressigny. Don't you love how I can squeeze a couple of weeks' worth of blog posts from an afternoon walk? Not to worry, life goes on here at home. We continue to harvest from our vegetable garden. Tomatoes are happening (we need to make sauce for the freezer) and the last of the zucchini are coming in now.

In the same street, but on the opposite side, as yesterday's door #3.

Soon we'll have the first of the winter squash, too. Then it will be time to rip out the plants and prepare the beds for winter. We're expecting a delivery of fire wood in the next week or so and I'll have to get the chainsaw out to cut up enough for the coming season. Today is a rain day, so it'll be indoor chores for us. There's plenty of computer work to do, like balancing the bank accounts, backing up files, and reading. There's no lack of housework. And lunch!

I cut a serious gash in my little finger yesterday while using a pair of scissors to cut a tomato from the vine. There was way more blood than necessary, and I'm just a little (read: a lot) squeamish when it comes to blood, especially my own. With pressure and a couple of band-aids, I got the bleeding to stop. The cut throbbed for a couple of hours, but it feels fine now.


  1. hmmmmm, I don't know...scissors...and you want to run a chainsaw? hope your finger heals quickly.

  2. Fingers always bleed much more than you think they should, and even a little cut can be quite sore fir a long time.
    The best thing is to put a huge bandage on it, that gets more sympathy !!

  3. Walt...
    you have my sympathy...
    once did that...
    to the skin between my left forefinger and index finger...
    wouldn't heal...
    kept tearing open...
    ended up taping the fingers togther for a week!!
    And boy! How it stung...

    On the plus side...
    I was able to greet Mr. Spock...
    and any other Vulcans...
    more easily for a week!!
    Hope yours heals more rapidly...
    and that you don't get an attack of blight!

  4. I love when I go stay with my friends in France we always have lunch!!

  5. Ouch!!
    Good luck at tomorrow's market :)

  6. I have no idea what product would be available in France, but when I put a dab of Vitamin A & D ointment on a finger cut, I immediately feel the pain subside. I have dry, sensitive skin and my finger skin can crack very easily, so trust me, this works!

    Be careful with that saw!!! Gripping can reopen that cut so easily (as if you didn't know).

  7. Scissors make a V-shaped cut. It's an outrage.

  8. ouch
    but as it was for the sake of tomatoes; it sounds almost worth a drop of blood.


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