Sunday, September 01, 2013

A grand day

On Thursday, Ken, Callie, and I drove about an hour south of us to a town called Le Grand-Pressigny to see some friends who vacation there. We've been before, but it's still a bit of an adventure and we always look forward to it. Our friends J and N are wonderful hosts. The weather was spectacular and we enjoyed lunch and dinner outdoors. The highlight for Callie, in addition to seeing her canine friend Lulu, is a long walk around the edges of town. New sights, new smells, great fun!

One of the streets near the château where we began our walk.

On the chainsaw front, I applied the method I was shown by the store representative and dang if that thing didn't start right up. So I got a bit of sawing done on Saturday. There's more to do, of course, but I'm now encouraged and feel better not having bought a "lemon."


  1. Lucky you ... being invited by N. and J.!! I bet J. made some of her fabulous deserts! Btw, did Callie enjoy the ride, because she's not a big car fan,is she?

  2. Ahh, good to know that you had success with the chainsaw! And, nice to know that is was J and N whom you visited :)

  3. Walt,

    I'm picturing you holding a chainsaw and I'm getting a good feeling. :)


  4. martine, I made the dessert! It was a sweet potato pie. Callie put up with the ride. I don't think she'll ever enjoy one.

    judy, I feel like a fool, but at least I know how it works now.

    ron, lol!

  5. Maybe it's just one of those that needs to be started once and works easily after.


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