Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Tractor paths

A nice feature of living in the countryside where there is a lot of agriculture is the multitude of dirt paths used to access fields and vineyards. They're great places to walk, especially with dogs, as they see very little traffic and what vehicles do come by move relatively slowly.

A path leads from town out into the fields which, in this view I think, are behind me.

The château at Le Grand-Pressigny sits on the heights overlooking the confluence of the Claise and Aigronne Rivers, the town clings to the steep slopes between. Beyond the castle are rolling fields planted in wheat and sunflowers à perte de vue* (as far as the eye can see), connected one to the other by a network of dirt, gravel, and grass roads.

*Those of you who commented on Monday's post may appreciate my use of that phrase.


  1. Your last four posts show exactly why we like this area!

  2. Perfect use and perfect translation!

  3. I can (always) see why you chose to live there!

  4. It's wonderful to live in such beauty.

  5. You are lucky! (Vous avez de la chance!)

  6. Show us those sunflowers! Pretty please!!! Merci for more usage of that idiom.

  7. Looks like fields no matter in which direction you look.

  8. Great picture. You really captured well how sunny and bright the day was.

  9. tim, us too, if you add in the vineyards!

    chm, aw, shucks.

    mitch, :)

    kristi, sometimes I have to remind myself!

    nadege, c'est sûr.

    mary, there weren't sunflowers this year, just wheat. Here are the sunflowers from a previous year.

    starman, well, not every direction...

    jon, it was a beautiful day and a beautiful walk.


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