Tuesday, September 03, 2013

A colorful town

This is one of two metal exterior stairs that I know of in Le Grand-Pressigny. This one is blue, the other is green. It's nice how it matches the blue shutter.

This blue stair and shutter is in the upper part of town, near the château.

Today we're expecting another summery day. Wednesday and Thursday are predicted to be downright hot with sunny temperatures in the mid-80sF. Wow. Then Friday will be a little cooler with a big rainy weekend predicted. Since it really hasn't rained in a month, we could probably use it.

This green stair and shutter are down by the river. I took this photo in 2006.

The mini-chainsaw continues to work well. I got a big pile of hazelnut limbs cut into burnable-sized pieces yesterday. Only two more piles to go!


  1. Make the most of your sunny weather where you are Walt.
    We've been having lots of rain every day here for over a week.
    Loved these two photos.

  2. Wish you would speak metric Walt - nice spring day of 26c here. You Americans travel in miles, fill up with gallons.

  3. Interesting photos, Monsieur :) I really liked the one yesterday, too. For some reason, my laptop suddenly won't let me write comments on any blog that has the word ID feature (I'm using my desktop Mac right now). I've tried about 4 different days on two different blogs, and the whole message just disappears when I click PUBLISH. My comments are working on Ken's blog, though, and since he doesn't have that word ID thing, I'm guessing that is somehow the cause. Probably some update in my laptop is not meshing with whatever system that ID thing uses.

  4. Beautiful photos (so, what else is new)! I love how some a bit of coordinated color can make even metal stairs look charming.

  5. What, you didn't like school? I loved school and was sorry when I had to leave.

    1. WHAT??? I loved school and I have never stopped taking classes... mostly french, of course, but many other subjects as well! Perhaps I feel I need them to keep my "little grey cells" multiplying!!!

  6. The house with he blue ladder is a maison secondaire and I have only seen it in use for two weeks a year. This seems a great pity as it has wonderful views over the village and the valley.
    Not to mention a lovely blue ladder......would love to take a peek into the room at the top !!

  7. The french have had many adjectives used to describe their habits - but the one thing I really admire them for is their use of bright colors! These photos show their unabashedly love for French Blue and now ??? Green! Perhaps Ecological Green, BIO Green!

  8. I love colour. I would paint the whole word kelly green and cherry red if possible. My shirts must be so as well.


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