Friday, September 06, 2013

The Claise River valley

Here's a view of the valley just down river from the center of Le Grand-Pressigny. It's a gentle valley, and a small river. I think the river is a bit smaller than our own Cher. Not far from this point the river joins the Creuse which, in turn, flows into the Vienne past Chinon and finally into the Loire.

A field of sunflowers on the slopes of the Claise River valley.

There are very few vineyards in this region, although I understand that there used to be more. From what I've seen, the main crops here are wheat, colza, and sunflowers. There may be some corn as well. Someone who lives in the area may be able to provide more detail in the comment section (hint!).


  1. Anyone can take a hint when it's that big.....!!
    There is plenty of corn being grown around here. Mostly it is the kind used for animal feed I think.
    The fields behind the château are cultivated in a rotation, sunflowers, colza and wheat (or some kind of grain as I am never sure which is which).
    I am enjoying your photos of the village, it's nice to pictures taken by someone else, not just my own, of which I seem to have thousands !!

  2. Love the view though I wouldn't want to live there.

  3. So peaceful......picture postcard perfect.

  4. There was plenty of vineyards... the little vinehouses that are left bear testament to that.
    At Ciran, for the European Heritage Days [14/15 Sept], there is a display by an organisation trying to preserve that part of the patrimoine.

    The only remaing producer, locally in Touraine du Sud, is Domain de Ris.

  5. Beautiful. And so exciting; I know someone from there!

  6. Okay, I had looked up Saint-Aignan on the map when I first started to read yours and Ken's blogs, but today I now have a better idea how really close you are to all of the famous chateaux! Those small communities that you've both written about in your local travels and visits to friends are all right in the same vicinity. My '98 Michelin map shows many small tributaries throughout your area - it almost looks like that whole area could have been a river valley? It's beautiful, that's for sure. Virginia said it right!

  7. jean, I thought there was corn! And I'm sure it's feed corn, there's not much sweet corn in France.

    starman, why not? Too far out in the country?

    virginiac, :)

    judy, thanks!

    tim, susan and simon have talked about the dwindling wine production in the region, which is how I knew there is still a little. I've never seen a vineyard down there!

    mitch, yup!

    mary, we're right smack in château land, that's for sure. The whole area drains into the Loire river, which I think is the longest river in France.


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