Monday, September 23, 2013

A wine kidnapping

Can you kidnap wine? Wine-nap? No, that's what happens after I drink a few glasses. In any case, I chuckled at this sign. It means "Wine Pickup" and shows customers where to go to pick up their purchases. But enlèvement is also the word for a kidnapping.

Seen at a winery in the Touraine-Mesland region on the Loire River.

I'm going to see a new doctor this morning. Our GP has stopped practicing and from what we can tell it's because of an illness, either his own or that of a family member. So, I got an appointment with the replacement. I don't know if the new doctor is temporary or permanent. I'll have to ask so we can notify the health service.

I also made a dentist appointment for next week. I've been looking around for another dentist, but the only other one in town isn't taking new appointments until February. So I made an appointment with the dentist I've been seeing since our previous dentist retired a couple of years ago. She's fine, just a little quick and rough with a cleaning.

Now we have to sort out the barber situation, since the woman who's been cutting our hair for ten years just hung up her scissors.


  1. The doctor, dentist and barber are the three people we most like to feel we can trust and getting used to a new one isn't always easy.

    Good luck !!

  2. yep, wine knocks me out cold. never used to...guess I'mma getting old! ;-)

  3. I echo what Jean said. Hope all goes comfortably.
    Hey, it looks like the comment box here is different. I'm going to have to try it out with my laptop and see if commenting works again with it.

  4. Walt

    Didn't Ken try the new barber ?

  5. Perhaps it's just in the small towns where the dentist's don't have hygienists to do the cleaning.

    When I visited my dentist last week, a new dentist is now also on board (very young - just out of school, I think) but the hygienist and the receptionist assured me that my school chum, Dr. George, will not be retiring soon, as he expects to keep working for another 10 years. I'm keeping my eyes and ears open as I really don't want to be caught off-guard and have to take just anyone when that happens.

    My previous hair salon went out of business, so, a couple of weeks ago I tried a new stylist for a haircut... I still need to find a hairdresser. Pooh. It wasn't a very satisfactory cut. I have naturally curly hair and none of my friends do, so they aren't any help for a referral.

    Here's hoping you have better luck.

  6. seeing a new doc is no fun, particularly if you had a long /good rapport with the old one.
    Kidnapping wine sounds something awful.

  7. jean, change is our friend! Not.

    anne marie, well, I do my best to drink my share...

    judy, I just noticed that. New and improved! ;)

    t.b., no, not yet. But soon!

    mary, yes, here the dentist does the cleaning. My previous dentist was terrific, but he retired.

    michael, almost ten years with this one, but fortunately it's only for bi-annual checkups. Anything else he refers to specialists, so getting used to a new GP shouldn't be too hard... provided one comes in. There's a serious doctor shortage in rural France right now.

  8. Got the new doctor. Need to find the new dentist. No hair; no problem. I truly love the "wine kidnapping."


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