Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Behind the green doors

These nicely painted garage doors are in Le Grand-Pressigny. Yes, I still have pictures to share from our afternoon walk almost three weeks ago now. We didn't know it then, but it was to be among the last of the summery days. We're having a succession of rainy fronts pass through our region and the temperatures drop a little further with each one.

Green garage doors in Le Grand-Pressigny.

Other signs of autumn include the first organized hunt of the season (last Sunday). I was driving up the hill to our house, just coming back from the market across the river, when all of a sudden a small pack of hounds (big dogs) leaped from the woods to my right and came down the road toward me only to disappear into the woods on my left. I slowed to a crawl to let them pass. A few seconds later the hunters, with their guns in the "safe" position (that is, broken open), followed them.

I had heard the dogs and the hunting horns earlier in the morning while walking Callie, but they were farther away. Apparently the hunt progressed to our hamlet while I was out shopping. The individual hunting season begins this coming Sunday when no pheasant, partridge, or wild hare will be safe.


  1. There is, currently, a moratorium down here in Touraine du Sud on Hare and Partridge...
    has been for two years.
    But this year even the pheasants are laughing...
    you cannot shoot them either for the next two years...
    apparently numbers have fallen drastically...
    of course it wouldn't, by any chance, be that they were the only things left to shoot...
    now, would it?

  2. wasn't your blog title the name of an x-rated film?

  3. I forgot it was that time of the year again. Must remember when out to wear bright colours!! Have a good week Diane

  4. Great photo :)
    Scary, having the hunters so nearby.

  5. Yes, I think that would be a little shocking to come around a corner and then be overrun by the dogs first and then the hunters. Nice, though, to see the hunters were being safety-conscious with their guns.

    Last week we experienced temperatures near 91f and this week, near 71f and heavy rains today and probably the rest of the week as well. Just like you said, last week I wasn't thinking that we would soon be finished with summer. Of course, we are known for the rain here in the northwest USA.

    Amazing how the light can change those green doors so much. My eyes want to tell me the painter was using different pots of green, but I know it is simply the sunshine/shade and the angles.

  6. Green doors conjure up portals to far off enchanted places like the emerald city.

  7. tim, interesting. I know that many of the pheasant hunted around here are farm-raised and released for the hunting season. I haven't heard of moratoria on partridge or hare in our area.

    anne marie, I think it might have been... lol

    diane, true! I try to get the walks done before the hunters arrive.

    judy, it's big doin's when the battus happen in the woods and vineyard around the house.

    mary, I'd love to have some 70sF right now... we're just barely breaking 60F.

    david, thanks!

    michael, in the merry old land of Oz!


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