Monday, September 02, 2013

An inviting passage

Little paths and passages always tempt me. I want to see where they lead, what's on the other side. Especially when they're gated or otherwise blocked. This one is neither. And, while you can quite clearly see where it leads (up the hill to another street), it still begs to be used. And use it we did.

A little ramp instead of a stair.

Summer is over for most vacationers and students; the big return to class is scheduled for Tuesday. Our little hamlet will quiet down a little as people close up vacation houses, summer guests head home, and people head back to work.


  1. Is that the passage up by the chateau?
    I must take a look....
    And I love your "Image of the Week".

  2. Could you call that wheelchair friendly??? Not that we've seen much of that in France anyway.

  3. I also can't avoid those little paths and passages. This one looks charming (but you're surrounded by "charming").

  4. I definitely would investigate to see where it lead.....mysterious and cute.

  5. Now that the tourists have left, the students at school, you can have your life back! Back to work pretty soon for me too! I won't have time to visit too often as I don't want to take my computer with me. Busy shows anyway!

  6. September is the best time of year for vacation exactly because tourists have left and kids are back to school! ;)

  7. That looks like a "shortcut" to me and I love taking them to see where they lead!

    I agree with Mitchell: you've got "charming" in just about every direction. I just learned this, is this the appropriate usage: " à pertre de vue" ?

    1. Mary, "À perte de vue" means as far away as you can see. It doesn't mean you lost sight of something or, even, you lost your sight! LOL

  8. What percentage of your population is only there during the summer?

  9. leon, no, it's too narrow and steep. And your right, but it's slowly changing.

    mitch, even our garbage is charming. ;)

    virginiac, :)

    nadege, just pop in when you can!

    jon, the weather is often still good in September, too.

    mary, chm gave you the answer!

    starman, in our 9-house hamlet, only 3 are occupied year-round right now. The occupant of a fourth house died earlier in the year and his house now belongs to his children who live elsewhere. They spent a month here in July.


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