Thursday, September 19, 2013

Periodic puppy pics

Grapes are not particularly good for dogs. But Callie likes them once in a while. This time of year, when the grapes are ripe, she can't help herself. Actually, she does help herself. To wit:

Reaching up into the vines for a grape.

On one of our recent walks I caught her taking a taste or two. She's a funny dog. It doesn't seem to make her sick, but then again she doesn't eat much. Just a grape or two here and there.

Yum! Tasty!

These photos show how the color of her coat looks in different light. In the shade, as in the top picture, her coat looks dark brown. But in the sun, as in the second picture, her coat reddens up. Her father was a red Border Collie, much redder than Callie, and that's where she gets it.

Chomp, chomp!


  1. Both my dogs...
    the BC and the Heinz 3 [with a fair amount of BC in her] both liked grapes...
    discovered that when I found the wreckage of a bunch I'd left on the kitchen work surface on the floor...
    with two dogs still working at what's left!!

    Boy did they both look guilty when discovered....
    Jake especially, because BCs have a way of looking really guilty!!

  2. Our Irish Wolfhound loved Cherry Tomatoes - we wondered why our plants never bore fruit until we caught him so we thought, if it makes him happy - go for it.

  3. She is such a beauty. And I admire her self-control.

  4. She looks so cut in the third pic.

  5. beautiful puppy; she really enjoys her grape treat!

  6. Thanks Walt for sharing what I figured out about the color of Callie's coat from your very first photo! My monitor is not off on color - her coat color was changing with the sunlight! Then I went on to read your same explanation!

    Not exactly the same thing but my cat loves to share the fruit I cut up for my oatmeal each morning. Lately, I've replaced the strawberries (end of season) with Washington peaches (miam-miam). Matisse can't wait for his share. Do our pets get their hankerings from us???

    That last photo is a jewel!

  7. One of my previous standard poodles used to eat blackberries. When we went foraging he used to very carefully select nice juicy berries and gently pluck them from the brambles. He never got tangled up or prickled - he was a clever dog. We still miss him.

  8. When I was growing up in NC, we had a dog that ate blackberries like yours, Jean. And Leon, our late collie mix, Collette, ate cherry tomatoes off our plants in Calif. when she was a puppy, but she lost her taste for them as she grew up. As for grapes, I try to discourage Callie because I think dogs can get sick from eating them.


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