Monday, September 09, 2013

Periodic puppy pics

During our walk in Le Grand-Pressigny, Callie stopped on the steps of this interesting building. I didn't pose her or tell her to stop or stay. She stood there looking for about fifteen seconds before moving on, but I was in the right place to be able to snap a few pictures.

Callie is watching Ken and our friends (and their dog) make their way along the river before following.

I'm not really sure, but this building looks like a public toilet. A four-holer, if you know what I mean. I think it's locked; again, I don't know because I didn't try to open the doors. These are two versions of the same photo, just cropped differently. I like them both so you get to see them both.

The same picture, wider view.


  1. yep, looks like a "comfort station" to me! callie is such a pretty girl!

  2. Walt, these are, in fact, the changing huts for the original bathing area!!
    The "clappet" just downstream created a safe bathing area for Grand Pressigny...
    I doubt whether they've been used in eons!
    Certainly unlikely since the swimming pool has been opened.
    And this year there has been no water to bathe in... the sluice has been left open since the Autumn.
    The barrier has always been left in the up position... in fact there was a prefectorial instruction, that hasn't been adhered to, that it should only be closed from mid-June to mid-September.

    The word in the "prove you ain't a robot"... is an instruction to Callie... Fechnow!

    1. And it probably is locked to stop people using it as a toilet!!

  3. Callie the Cutie is probably wondering what kind of building it is too.

  4. Callie is a sweetie!

    Walt, your plum tart (seen on Ken's page) looks fabulous :)

  5. "Bécosses" is how we call them here which is a french-canadian twist to "backhouse". :)

  6. So glad to know (from reading Tim's comments) that those are actually changing rooms and not toilets!


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