Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Back to Le Grand-Pressigny, here I am in front of a hair salon. The weather was beautiful and we wore shorts. Right now we're having a cool-down and it's long pants time! Summer was fun while it lasted, but it looks like fall is coming in.

A "selfie" in front of a uni-sex hair salon in Le Grand-Pressigny. A long way for us to go for a haircut.

On the hair front, we've recently learned that the woman who's been cutting our hair for the last ten years is hanging it up. Her shop closed a few weeks ago and is under construction, presumably to get it ready for sale. Or, maybe someone has already bought it and is renovating it themselves. We don't know yet. Until we find out, we're going to have to find another barber.

So, our dentist retired a couple of years ago (and neither of us is all that thrilled with our new one), our primary care doctor has gone on an extended leave, and now the barber is quitting. Change is our friend, change is our friend...


  1. Is it possible that your barber is still doing home visits? Not just for old folks... P.

  2. Thank goodness my dentist and doctor are still around, I love them both. I'm not sure I could visit a dentist that I'm not thrilled with though. I cut my own hair so no prob there.
    Maybe you can ask others in the village where they get their hair cut now. Your neighbour the Mayor may be able to help with your query.

  3. Your post reminds me of one of my fave Beatles songs, "Hair, there and everywhere". Maybe I got that wrong!!
    Grow your hair, don't eat sweets and have an apple a day and you have no need for any of them.
    Leon (of course)

  4. Very funny Leon! I wish life was that uncomplicated. I will have a very hard time when my dentist retires. No problem for my hair as I know many good hairdressers but to find a good doctor is something else. I haven't had luck yet and so far, it hasn't mattered much!


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