Saturday, August 31, 2013

Our road

Here's a view of our road from about halfway up the hill, looking back down. Callie and I walk up this way after our trek around the wheat field. On this day one of the neighbors at the bottom was hauling some logs out of the woods with his garden tractor. The hill is a good climb; it's steeper than it looks.

Looking down the hill, toward the river, on a summer afternoon.

We took the mini-chainsaw back to the store where we bought it to ask why we couldn't get it started. The guy took us outside and, after a few tries, got it started right up. Figures. At any rate, he said not to fully engage the choke when starting it cold. He said that it's too warm outside to use the choke full on. So he showed me where he positioned it (just barely engaged) and started it up a second time.

The saw's instructions tell you to push the choke in all the way when starting a cold engine, but it does not work. I was just flooding the engine and making things worse. Today I will try what he showed me and see if I can get it running myself.


  1. Walt...
    it is so warm at the moment that our lawnmower tractor is starting with no choke at all!!

    make sure Ken relaxes today!!
    If that's possible....

  2. I agree with tim; after reading ken's post, he needs to stay in bed today and rest!

  3. One wonders why that kind of information is not in the instructions, which may have saved you the trouble of going all the way back to the shop!
    (Assuming you did read the instructions..................!)

  4. Manual chokes were never fully used in most of Australia. We usually pulled them out a little bit, sometimes half. I guess full choke is for really icy cold weather, like in northern Europe.

  5. Walt, you and Callie sure have some lovely scenery to enjoy on your walks.
    I'm not very good with chokes and pull starters on tools, so I have mostly electrical tools....keeps me sane.

  6. While in Sweden we visited the Husqvarna museum and I got to visit the place where my sewing machine was made. It's been running for 43 years with no problems, of course it doesn't have a choke. Also saw a Husqvarna robot lawn mower in action at our Swedish friend's home. It wouldn't work for you since your yard is so large and it would make Callie go nuts.

  7. If it took the guy at the store a couple of tries, it wasn't your fault it wouldn't start. Add that the instructions weren't exactly right. The hill looks pretty steep to me.

  8. Okay, I'm going to try again. I tried 4 times earlier today, and every time that I hit PUBLISH, it cancelled out my comment. Odd!
    I think that I just wanted to ask you to update us with whether or not the new method worked when you tried it :)

  9. This is a lovely photo: I like artwork of roads going into forest and out of sight.


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