Sunday, August 18, 2013

All we need is wood

This is the firewood management area at our house. Under this carport is where I cut, stack, and split firewood for the winter heating season. I recently cleaned it up to prepare for this year's wood. It gets a bit messy during the season, and then in spring it gets worse as I chuck in all manner of branches and pruned wood for kindling.

The cut and stacked wood will go toward the back. Kindling goes along the right side.

Well, it's now ready to receive. All we need to do is to find someone to deliver some wood (can't seem to find a regular supplier). We asked a guy we know who works as a gardener in the neighborhood and he gave us a name and number, so we plan to call next week. I'd like the wood to be delivered already cut to size. Normally firewood comes in meter-long lengths or cut in half to 50cm. But our wood stove is smaller and needs logs cut to 33cm.

The trick is to find someone who will do that. Up to now, we've been getting the 1-meter logs and I cut them myself. But if I could avoid that, it might be worth it. The other solution we're considering is a new stove that takes 50cm logs. But that won't be for this year.


  1. Look lovely and tidy...
    fancy driving down and sorting our wood area out?

    Our new boiler takes 50cm wood...
    but Pauline's 'ski machine'* only takes 45cm lengths...
    so we get metre length and cut to 45 twice...
    leaving a lump of "coal"...
    which is convenient for the open fires...
    but the devil to store!!

    *Pauline's 'ski machine' is our manual hydraulic log splitter...
    sold as a 50cm log splitter!!

  2. Gosh how smart :-) Our wood gets stored in the old outside toilet which has now mutated into wood shed and the rest gets stacked & tarped.

    Re cost of cutting. We first got our wood delivered in 1m logs but now, having calculated the cost, have it delivered in 50cm lengths as the extra charge is probably less/or equal to the time and cost if we did it ourselves. If you do go for a larger stove go for 60cm if you can. We did and it means that some of the larger logs [50 cm is approximate after all] fit easily too.

  3. I'm glad that you guys are allowing yourselves to hire out some of the manual labor that you have done yourselves in the past... like the huge job of trimming the hedge, and this log-cutting job. Sometimes, it's smart not to risk hurting your back or neck, eh?

  4. Wow. So glad you shared a photo of the empty area. I knew you stacked a lot of wood but had no idea how large the space actually is. Like Judeet, I'm pleased to see that you're not doing all this yourselves any more. You deserve some injury-free free time!

  5. Or you could build in a fireplace that would take them.

  6. It looks very neat and tidy Walt...good job.

  7. I second what Judith says... Soyez prudents, ménagez votre dos, les gars :-)

  8. oh but I miss 'real fires'.


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