Monday, August 12, 2013

Streets dressed for summer

Make that singular. This one street in Saint-Aignan is adorned with these colorful triangles for summer. They seem to appear every year, but only on this street. They might have something to do with the gallery that's located on the street.

Tom, Ken, and Harriett checking out the St.-Aignan gallery from outside last month.

We said bye-bye to our big old concrete barbecue grill yesterday. It had started to lean, so I wanted to take it apart and re-level the base. When Ken and I started moving the pieces (and they are heavy), a few of them cracked. That convinced us to get rid of the thing. More of the pieces broke as we moved them to another spot.

We've had that big bbq grill for nine years and haven't used it much recently. It's just not convenient to the kitchen and we have the small electric grill on the deck. We use that one all the time. So we're thinking we'll get a gas grill for outdoors next spring. That way we can bring it inside over winter and move it around to where it's more convenient when we want to grill outdoors.


  1. Surely you need a "plancha"...
    they are all the rage!!

    And is a gas grill really a barbecue...
    no charcoal...
    no starter fluid...
    no mess...
    no rain dance...
    just a bottle-a-gaz and a lighter?

    Nah! Choose something that'll fit at the side of the terrace [and is light enough to get up there]...
    you enjoy cooking...
    you love entertaining...
    you haven't got kids to entertain with...
    "He's been out in the rain for hours, Mum!
    Mum, when ARE we going to eat???

    The w/v has just come up as "psHeati 61"...
    they really ARE out there!!

  2. Those triangles are lovely colours - one of them would make a snazzy skirt!

  3. I LOVE your street photo! I have a painting similar. I think it is an Utrillo. Not an original of course, my copy.

  4. Lovely colors for a stain glass window! You need a pizza oven Walt! Imagine all the wonderful bread loaves and goodies you could bake. A lot of people are building them now in LA and I don't think it is that hard to do.

  5. my daughter & her husband just bought a grill (and there is a plancha part to it) for their terrace in Bayonne.....she says not many francais actually grill

  6. Those banners are beautiful. In Sevilla, they string giant canvas across the pedestrian streets to keep out the broiling summer sun. This is so much nicer (well, but would be completely ineffective for that purpose).

  7. Beautiful colours in those banners.
    You definitely need a gas BBQ, Walt. Make sure you get one with a lid and you can bake and roast in it too.

  8. Those triangles are lovely. Arty and practical in that they provide shade and lead you down the street to see what it's all about.
    I'm a fan of gas BBQ's. We bought our Weber Genesis in France and it still looks and works as new here in the great white north. I think it's worth paying a little more for a good one.

  9. tim, I'm not a purist, so a gas grill doesn't bother me.

    pollygarter, well, I never would have thought of that...

    ron, cool!

    nadege, a pizza oven would be fun, but probably not in the cards for me.

    melinda, I saw one with a plancha part and that tempts me.

    mitch, broiling summer sun... what a concept.

    starman, :)

    leon, oh yes. I had gas grills for many years in California, so I know the ropes.

    craig, I had a big Weber gas grill in San Francisco that I really enjoyed. I sold it before we moved (it didn't seem very practical to move it to Europe).


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