Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Part of our route

Here's another of the roads that Callie and I walk on when we're not in the vineyards. It's part of the network of unpaved roads that skirt around the wheat field in the valley below our house. You can see a vacation house on the right (in this view) that's only occupied a couple of weeks out of the year.

Looking back along our route toward the woods.

Whoever owns the property where I'm standing keeps the ground under the trees very tidy. There's a kind of a carport (out of the photo on the right) that stores an old horse-drawn wagon. Further along are a few more houses that front on the main road, but whose back yards are connected by the dirt road.


  1. The owner who takes care of his yard really has done a great job.

  2. So calm and restful! This snap is a great way to start my day...thanks Walt!
    BTW, I made "your" pizza crust -- better than the stores sell around here!

  3. How nice for Callie that you vary the route (also nice for you !) on your walks. There must be a constant interest for her to "check the smells" to see just who has been there recently.

  4. I would love a scenic road like this for walking and meditation. I bet it would do more for mental health than any pill.


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