Thursday, August 15, 2013

'Y a du monde au balcon

Here's a nice summery scene. It's St.-Aignan's Bastille Day parade again, as it makes its way through town down toward the river. You can see that there are more spectators following the parade than there were actual marchers. Ken and our friends Harriett and Tom are in this photo, just in front of the girl in the light blue dress.

You can see the band and the fire brigade making their way down the street toward the right.

I like that there are two people on the balconies above the cheese shop. Can you see them? I didn't notice them when I took the picture. The cheese shop is pretty new. It's a branch of a shop in the nearby town of Selles-sur-Cher. It's nice, but unfortunately it's pretty high-end. I think we'll only go there for special items once in a while, or when we have visitors.

I hate to mention it, but it certainly feels like summer is winding down. We can feel the days getting shorter, and the past few mornings have dawned with that unmistakeable autumn chill. Also, the late summer wildflowers are out in abundance: wild carrot (Queen Ann's Lace) and chicory are the most common around us. Still, the days are sunny and warm and the air is dry. It's quite pleasant.


  1. This expression, Y a du monde au balcon, was used in the old days to define the chest of corset wearing women with ample bosom! LOL

  2. I am seeing the monty python clip "the cheese shop" in my mind...

  3. CHM, I completely forgot about that expression. I haven't heard it in years!

  4. Walt - a friend of mine - the coffee snob, mentioned you in a comment on our blog.
    Just thought you might like to know.
    It seems like only yesterday that we were reading about your winter and here you say that its coming to a close.
    What will we experience on our return in October next year???????

    1. leon, thanks, I did see his comment.

  5. coming to a close - your summer I meant to say.

  6. Walt, thanks for keep us abreast of all that is happening in St. Aignan.

  7. What happens when they get to the river?


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