Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fancy ironwork

The château at Saint-Aignan is a little gem. As I've said before, it's privately owned and lived-in, so it's not open to the public for tours. The owner does have an agreement with the town (I presume) to allow people access to the courtyard, but the buildings and the park are off limits.

Part of the ironwork that decorates the gate into the castle's courtyard.

One day, I suspect, when the older members of the family pass away, someone will look to renovations and public access. Opening up the building for tours may bring in some public funding to help with restoration and repair. The grand stone stair that leads from town up to the castle is deteriorating badly. I would certainly pay an entrance fee to see the interior. At least once.


  1. Why would anyone want to live there?

    1. I would!
      Given enough money and servants to keep the place warm and clean!

  2. That is a really beautiful piece of wrought iron!

  3. The ironwork is intriguing and I await an opportunity to see more. You live in a historically and architecturally rich area!


  4. Very creative ironwork! Intriguing to think about other pieces that may be inside (balustrades and other stairparts, par exemple?).

  5. WOW! I love that iron work!

  6. We have a friend who did some important whistle blowing on international financial skullduggery and got a huge reward for it. His goal is to buy a small chateau and settle in it, spending the rest of his life in modest baronial luxury, hitting all the interesting European cities for museums, opera, theater, etc. It would be a nice life.


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