Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Artist at work

I have no idea who this is. I saw her in the courtyard of the Château de Saint-Aignan in July. She seemed to be sketching, but just what, I'm not sure. The courtyard of the castle is open to the public, but the castle itself is lived-in and not open to visitors.

Making a sketch of the stonework? The rooftops of Saint-Aignan are visible below the castle grounds.

The building she seems to be looking at is part of the stables and garage wing. It's across the courtyard from the main residential portion of the château. I wonder what's inside. There are some hunting trophies visible through the windows. Otherwise, I'll bet it's full of all manner of junk, some of which may be historically valuable.

A beautiful sunny summer day in Saint-Aignan-sur-Cher.

Here's a wider view of the same scene to give you an idea of the size of the courtyard. The main part of the castle is not in the view; it's off to the left of where I'm standing. So these are the "out buildings."


  1. the buildings are out? who knew! :)

  2. Those are some fine stables! Your second photo is mysterious!

  3. Solitude to do something that you love...she must be quite happy...
    Painting on a bright summer day, with no distractions....priceless.

  4. That blue sky is so vibrant! You and Ken live in such an incredible area!
    (From Facebook, the zoo de Beauval has so much going on. Lots of tourists right now I bet!).

  5. What does one do with so many rooms and areas? I'd bet there are parts of the chateau that haven't seen a visitor in many decades.

  6. anne marie, it's a very progressive country... lol!

    evelyn, why is it mysterious?

    virginiac, it's the first time I've seen somebody do that there.

    nadege, July was a great month this year. So far, August, not so much.

    starman, I wouldn't be surprised.


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