Sunday, August 25, 2013

Signs of summer's end

Among the fall wildflowers that I see out in the vineyard is this variety of daisy. I usually only notice them when they look like this, their petals pointed downward as if they're tired and heat-worn. I don't see this in the spring.

They look like rain hats to me.

It's the last week of August, which for many French people means the last week of summer vacations before school starts up in the first week of September. The supermarket circulars have been hawking school supplies for a couple of weeks now. Before we've noticed, they will have slid into Christmas mode.


  1. I somehow missed yesterday's post and Callie. 13 C at 9 am is really cold for August. Costco already has Halloween and Christmas decorations out.

  2. I hate it that Christmas and Halloween stuff appear in the shops long before summer is finally at an end.
    Why rush into the cold and miserable months - what is there to look forward to?! A retail opportunity, that's all !!

  3. What a great shot! So glad to see tourist season winding down here, too, and to enjoying the nice weather that should remain for a couple more months.

  4. my black-eyed susans are starting to look like your daisies. and I want some of those blackberries!

  5. we never had summer this & rainy all summer (and no, I'm not in Paris).....lake too cool to even swim most of the time.....water we wonder what the winter will bring

  6. I didn't realize that school started in early September in France-- I thought it was much later into September?
    Yesterday, I was in LOWES (a big-box hardware store), and they had a big HALLOWEEN display! Dear HEAVENS! It's August!

    Anyway... nice photo :)

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  8. Walt, this morning I was out on the bike at 6.00 am before work. The sun rose earlier and we didn't need lights towards the end of the ride. As the darkness turned to light we noticed the first signs of spring with the trees along the streets starting to blossom. It was a good feeling to see winter retreating.

  9. Your post last week on the 18-hour pizza-crust book inspired me to get it from the library. Lovely book and pictures, some very interesting other recipes. I'm going to see if I can get the recipe to work with gluten-free flour.

  10. i feel the end of summer too; not by the local weather but by the annual trip to Canada at this time of year; it always heralds the end of summer.

  11. The poor daisies look like they've had a long summer.

  12. I definitely feel a "shift" from summer to autumn today! Not sure if I'm ready...

  13. nadege, definitely chilly in the mornings now.

    jean, I'm with you... I want summer to last a little longer!

    mitchell, can't say I'm not a little envious of your long season...

    anne marie, I used to have black-eyed susans and I miss them!

    melinda, I hate when that happens.

    judy, I think they're starting up on Tuesday. Aack!

    leon, and we're doing just the opposite. Oh well, that's the way the world turns!

    emm, cool. Let me know how it goes.

    michael, we all have our markers, eh?

    starman, looks that way, but they're not that old.

    jennifer, me neither. But, apples!


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