Tuesday, August 06, 2013

I have seen the light

And it was hanging from the ceiling. This is just an attempt at whimsy, looking up at a chandelier from below. One of the rooms in Chambord castle has four of these large fixtures hanging in it. On the walls are large paintings of hunting scenes.

Obviously not an original. There was no electricity in the sixteenth century, not even in the expensive homes.

Most of the castle's rooms are not furnished; the contents were either looted or destroyed during and after the revolution. It's a big, mostly empty, shell of a building. What furniture there is was recovered from elsewhere or recreated. Sections of the castle are used to display contemporary art exhibits.

I think I'll leave Chambord for now and move on to other things.


  1. What a creative shot - I love it. It almost looks like a ladies brooch (apart from the electric of course)!

  2. I agree with Craig... like it!
    But... just pause and think what one of those must have been like to clean the wax off to keep it brilliant... and to fettle and light!!
    You can imagine the shade of the lamp boy gliding past and thinking...
    "Why wursn't that around when I was but a lad?"

  3. There was a chandelier on sale at the brocante in Barrou on Sunday - not like elegant and impressive like this one! It had pink baubles and and a gold-ish lacquered metal body. Hideous! One for Tim's bad taste room. P.

  4. That is some great inspiration for a jewelry designer.

  5. As someone who has worked with chandeliers, my advice is never, ever stand directly underneath them (and don't assume that because it is in a public place that it is safe).

  6. Lovely photo angle of the chandelier Walt.....

  7. My first thoughts: a ladies brooch - just like yours, Craig!

    I'll keep your thoughts in mind, Susan, and I will never examine a chandelier up close and directly underneath in the future! Merci!

    Interesting photo, Walt. Thank you.

  8. Cool photo, sir.
    Susan, thanks for the advice :)

  9. What a great shot! Glad I don't have to keep it clean :-)


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