Thursday, August 01, 2013

So, speaking of stairways

Here's another pair inside the Château de Chambord. These are two matching staircases, although they are not identical. The one on the left is in the eastern courtyard and serves the royal apartments in the castle's northeastern tower. It's the fancier of the two staircases.

The ins and outs of sister stairways.

The stair on the right is in the western courtyard where one of the wings from the main keep joins the northwestern tower. That's where the chapel is. The windows on this stair look over that stage with the piano I showed you earlier.

And nobody mentioned the song reference from yesterday's post title.


  1. I love the open outdoors-ey concept to the stairs....they're beautiful.
    The inner column looks like it has vines growing around it, what detail, what workmanship.

    1. Look like curtain with a silk scraft

  2. Oh, duuuuh... didn't match the title to a song (but, I did wonder, myself, why you used that title-- I get it, now!).

    Another duuuuh... I think that I've erroneously labeled (on my châteaux reference page for students) a similar photo to yours on the right, as being of "the" double helix staircase at Chambord. I'll have to fix that.

  3. The stair ways are superb... such craftsmanship. A little late saying it but I loved the courtyard set up for the concert. What a treat to hear a concert there!

  4. No mention of a song...because I couldn't place that phrase. I actually wondered if you didn't have a song line that fit the photo! My mistake. Now I know - and I do know that song.
    I wonder when they cleaned this stone. Beautiful white, now. There must have been lots of scaffolding around the staircase to get that job completed.

  5. I knew it was from a song, but can't remember which.


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