Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ooooh, it makes me wonder

I got a request for a photo of Chambord's double-helix stairway. I did take a couple of pictures, but they really don't give you a feel for how it works. Still, here's the best one; you tell me what you think.

The plan of the main keep is in the form of a cross with the staircase at its center.

The picture includes our recent visitors, Harriett and Tom, and Ken standing in front of the stair. They were admiring the second floor's coffered ceiling, I think. You can see two balustrades in this portion of the staircase. The section closest to floor level (where you see the people descending) is one stair, and the balustrade directly above that is along the second stair. Both stairs wind around a central light well above which is the windowed lantern in the top center of the castle.

They say that the stair was inspired, if not designed, by Leonardo da Vinci. I'm not sure anyone knows for sure.


  1. That is a beautiful staircase, nothing like I imagined.
    I would like to think that it was designed by Leonardo da Vinci. It's a grand piece of detailed engineering.
    Thanks for posting Walt!!

  2. A staircase like this one would make moving massive furniture a piece of cake!

  3. I love that your photo shows the fireplace and the amazing ceiling, too.

  4. I am always in awe how so many monuments... were built along the years using rudimentary tools. I have visited many castles but my youth didn't appreciate their beauty and work of art.

  5. I had heard, or read, somewhere that Leonardo da Vinci had something to do with the design of Chambord.

  6. I would love to see that in person!

  7. This double helix stairway is like the one in Blois, right? Are there many others as well?
    That coffered ceiling must have taken some time to construct.


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