Monday, July 08, 2013

Blueberry shortcake, cream on top

With all the tempting recipes for using blueberries that I've seen recently, the first thing I did was throw together a simple shortcake and topped it with fresh berries and cream. I want to eat the fresh berries while they last. Once they're gone, I can cook/bake with the berries that I've frozen.

One ripe berry with many more to come.

I didn't take any photos of the shortcake (maybe today), so here's what the blueberry bushes look like. The farm has several varieties with names like Ivanhoé, Bleuette, and Berkeley. The tallest bushes are around six feet, the smallest are three to four feet. I don't know if the small ones are just young bushes or if they're small because of the variety.

Rows of blueberry bushes and an irrigation pipe. You can see that the farm wasn't at all crowded with people.

The bushes are planted in rows and we just walked up and down the rows where we wanted to find the ripest berries. I noticed that all the bushes were loaded with fruit, and while there were plenty of ripe berries, there were many more that had yet to ripen. The season should go on for another few weeks.


  1. I'm totally enjoying these blueberry picking photos....seemed like a very nice outing.
    I'm waiting with bated breath on the pies and shortcake photos.

  2. I see a blueberry bush or two in your garden someday! Yay, for Murray- A Scot and a French winner for a change!

  3. 1936 was a great year for the world!!!!

  4. virginiac, I'll see what I can do.

    evelyn, I would like one, but I'm not sure about our soil.

    judy, hehe.

    starman, subtle!


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