Monday, July 15, 2013

The bridge at Montrichard

I'm sure I've posted a photo of this bridge before, but here it is again. It crosses the Cher River at Montrichard, a town about ten miles from where we live. Our bank is in this town and they have a good market on Friday mornings (which is why we were there on this past Friday).

The bridge at Montrichard on a bright, sunny day (Friday 12 July 2013).

On the down-river side of the bridge, across from town, is the municipal soccer field and a campground. The campground includes a big sandy beach on the river where people can swim. I'm sure that beach is getting a workout now, with vacations under way and the spectacular weather we're having.


  1. Looks like a very peaceful town. Do water vessels pass through the channels under the bridge?

  2. Its a nice little town and a good place to meet friends (last year), especially when Simon and Susan pay.
    Sounds like you are enjoying a late summer now.

  3. Your banner photo looks great! Glad to know that your weather is still lovely :)

  4. So very beautiful. Thanks for sharing

  5. The beach was certainly busy today when we passed.

  6. Yes, you have posted this picture before but please don't apologize -- any and all pictures of the beautiful area you live in are more than welcome a second or more times.


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