Tuesday, July 16, 2013

An old cemetery

An old cemetery sits next to the medieval church on the grounds of the castle at Châteauvieux. The castle itself, a renaissance-style private manor, has been converted into a retirement home and is not open to the public. Visitors can, however, park and walk around the exterior and enjoy the views of the surrounding countryside from the promontory.

The small cemetery is built around this grave, marked by a large stone cross.

Our warm weather continues, although we're expecting a little overcast today. It'll be a good day to get a little gardening done.


  1. A retirement home in a castle sounds like heaven.
    My daughter is always threatening to put me in a home, maybe I'll suggest Châteauvieux to her!!!

  2. Oh Walt! How I would love to roam through this cemetery! Are you aware of Find a Grave.com? I've been a member for over five years now. Wouldn't I love to add this cemetery to my "Favorites"? You bet!

  3. john, I agree.

    virginiac, it certainly seems very nice, modernized, and well-maintained. But you have a while to go yet...

    judy, :)

    ron, yes, I've read about it on your blog many times. Sounds like a great activity and helpful for a lot of folks.

  4. Looks like the grass could use a bit of a trimming.


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