Thursday, July 18, 2013

Color on the floor

This is not the same church from yesterday, but another larger one down the road in a town called Selles-sur-Cher. It's quite an impressive church for a small town, and when the sun is shining through the windows the place lights up. The stained glass makes pretty patterns on the floor.

Stained glass patterns and the shadows from the railing on the stone floor of the church's apse.

Another very warm day is expected today. Nobody in this house is complaining, although we feel a little hot and sticky by bedtime. Things cool off as the night goes on, so it's not bad at all. And they're saying we're in for some thunderstorms and a little rain on Friday. We'll see.


  1. Beautiful photo. Lots of warm and sticky going around. (Not here.)

  2. I'm very much enjoying these church photos :)

  3. It almost looks like someone spilled pint on the floor.

  4. Very colorful - I must remember to look down the next time I'm in a church!

  5. mitch, ah, air conditioning.

    judy, glad! There are more...

    starman, yes!

    mary, just don't bump into a column. ;)


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