Thursday, July 11, 2013

Deck days

These nice warm summer days are perfect for sitting out on the deck. The deck is in full sun from mid-morning (once the sun clears the trees) until about one o'clock. After that, the sun moves behind the house and the deck is shaded during the hottest part of the day and into the evening.

A glass of wine on a sunny summer afternoon.

I want to get out and take some photos of the vegetable garden. The weather has been great and the plants are making good progress. There are even some blossoms on the cucumbers now. I've been pinching suckers off the tomato plants like crazy.


  1. Interesting to see this photo....again.

  2. Enjoy the great weather....your patio is ideal to hang out on from the heat....maybe a hammock for you and Bertie is in the stars?

  3. I want you to get out and take some photos
    of the vegetable garden too.

  4. Your deck is perfectly positioned - to be able to sit out in the fresh air but not in the heat of the sun.

  5. When the former owner built the house, the architect knew where to put that balcony thinking ahead about warm summer days. The view is pretty amazing too.


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