Sunday, July 21, 2013

More stained glass

This time from Notre-Dame-la-Blanche in Selles-sur-Cher. This is the window that made the colorful patterns on the floor a few posts ago. I walked up onto the raised alter to take this shot, something that I'm not sure was very kosher. Ha!

The eastern windows in the apse of the church.

Today is the final stage of the 100th edition of the Tour de France. They've scheduled it specially so that the arrival in Paris will happen around dusk, which is almost ten o'clock tonight. The starting line is in front of the Château de Versailles, then the course winds its way around the palace's immense park before heading toward Paris. Another novelty this year is that the race will actually circle the Arc de Triomphe at the Place Charles-de-Gaulle.

Our friends from Illinois left the Alps yesterday and should now be in Paris. They have seats near the finish line on the Champs-Elysées, so we'll be looking to see if we can spot them on television later tonight.


  1. 1oo years? WOW! (sings) the wheels on the bikes go round and round...

    I can picture the paris places (ooooh, alliteration!) in my mind; paris doesn't change too much.

  2. I have yet to catch the tour de France, even on the news. I see that it is 91F (33C) and clear at 3 pm your time. It is not really that hot.
    Gorgeous stained glass.

  3. Wow! How cool for your friends!
    But these photos.... wow! Excellent!!

  4. Kosher or not - it was worth it! Gorgeous colors - those windows really sing!


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