Thursday, July 04, 2013

The aftermath

We made pizza for lunch last Saturday. I didn't take any photos of the pizza itself, but once I got the dishes done I thought they looked interesting in the drainer, so out came the camera. I made the dough with almost-whole-wheat flour (farine de blé semi-complète) and it was great.

Still life with dripping. Cutting board, pizza peel, dough mixing bowl, pizza knife, toppings bowls, and wine bottles. Party!

It's overcast again this morning, but the clouds should be clearing out during the course of the day. Predictions are for a week of sunny and warm (almost hot!) days ahead. L'été s'installe.


  1. 2 wine bottles? must have been a celebration!

  2. Is that all we get? A photo of washed up dishes after a lovely pizza meal? No fair!!!!

  3. When I cook the dirty dishes hang around longer than the food.

  4. Those Rose must have been flowing like a crazy river :-)
    It's muggy, "smoggy" ( because of all those forest fires in the north) and hot . Hopefully the tomato plant swill take off.
    Happy 4th of July to you ( and Callie and Bertie)

  5. Cool photo, and I'm sure the pizza was delish. What was on it?

    Hey, the wine bottles reminded me that you had mentioned a while back (after going to the doctor?), that you were going to try to see if the wine was causing blood pressure issues, or something like that, so you weren't drinking for a while.... something like that? How did that turn out?

  6. anne marie, those are just the empty ones. lol

    virginiac, 'fraid so!

    opus, oh, me too. I didn't say what the time interval was... ;)

    t.b., luckily we don't have that lethal combination of heat and humidity here. I remember it well from upstate NY.

    judy, tomato sauce (our home-made), mushrooms, sliced ham, and cantal cheese. Oh, the non-drinking made my triglyceride numbers plummet. I'll have to continue to "study" for my blood tests from now on. ;)


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