Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A little stained glass

We saw this window in the fourteenth century church of Saint Hilaire in Châteauvieux. The church is very small (it's not the main church in town) and sits adjacent to the castle itself. Normally the building is locked; we've never before seen the interior. Ken tried a side door and it was open, so we walked in to have a look.

Stained glass windows above the alter in the church of Saint Hilaire.

Of course, I had the wrong lens on my camera for interior shots in a small space. I was using the telephoto lens for long shots outside and had left the other lens in the car. Still, I was able to get this in the low light and short space with the telephoto pulled all the way back to 70mm.


  1. The stained glass windows are still quite nicely detailed even in the low light.

  2. Tell me there isn't one of Jean d'Arc - isn't there one in every French church or cathedral?

  3. Great shot of some tasteful 19th century glass :-) -- so often it is garish when compared to medieval/Renaissance glass because of the industrial processes used to color it.

  4. Looks like a great photo to me!


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