Thursday, August 29, 2013

The wheat field

This is part of the wheat field down the hill from our house. It's been planted in wheat for the last couple of years, but I've also seen colza (rape seed) planted here in years past. The field was harvested a week ago and plowed and readied for the next crop.

That telephone pole will be removed soon as part of the under-grounding of the power lines that feed our hamlet.

The wheat is normally planted in the fall when it sprouts and over-winters as small plants. In the spring the plants send up their stalks and the seed heads form. The grain matures in the summer and is harvested this time of year. I'm waiting to see what the farmer plants this year.


  1. So glad to learn that the power lines will be all underground. They're such a distraction from the beautiful setting!

  2. I can hear the whir of crickets and cicadas when I look at this picture.

  3. That field looks like an ideal place to drop in 20 or 30 zero lot line residences. :-)

  4. Bill, there s no cicadas there. Only in Provence !

  5. Only an American would think of using this space to build an ugly housing complex. How very sad!


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